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Balsam of Peru Allergy- Definition

After years of dealing with severe eczema on my face, neck and hands, I was recently was diagnosed by my dermatologist with a Balsam of Peru allergy. What exactly is this said allergy? Well, according to a quick web search and confirmed by my doctor, Balsam of Peru is defined as, "Balsam of Peru is a sticky aromatic liquid that comes from cutting the bark of the tree Myroxolon balsamum, a tree that is native to El Salvador."

Basically, Balsam of Peru is a flavoring/fragrance added to foods, cleaning supplies, scented candles, oils, etc. to give it it's flavoring and scent. Balsam of Peru is sneaky because it goes by many different names and can be found in just about EVERYTHING! Balsam of Peru can be listed in the ingredients column as follows:

Eugenol and isoeugenol
Component of essential oils obtained from spices including cloves and cinnamon leaf. It smells and tastes like cloves. It is also found in pimento, nutmeg, camphor, roses, carnations, hyacinths and violets.
Benzoin, benzoic acid, benzyl alcohol
Rosin (colophony)
Citrus fruit peel
Tiger balm (Chinese proprietary ointment)
Balsam of Tolu

On the no-no list of things to eat while trying to eliminate Balsam of Peru from one's diet:

-Products containing citrus (including oranges, grapefruit, mandarin oranges, jams, juices and bakery goods)
-Flavoring agents such as those found in Danish pastries or other bakery goods, candy and chewing gm.
-Spices such as cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, curry, allspice, anise and ginger.
-Spicy condiments such as ketchup, chili sauce, BBQ sauce.
-Pickles and pickled veggies
-Wine, beer, gin and vermouth
-Perfumed or flavored tea
-Cough medicines and lozenges
-Ice cream
-Chili, pizza, Italian and Mexican foods with red sauces
-Tomatoes and tomato-containing products.

In addition to topical medicines, I must cut out any Balsam of Peru containing food and severely limit my contact with any product containing Balsam of Peru in order to get my skin back to feeling normal. Living with severe eczema like mine gives a whole new meaning to not being comfortable in one's own skin!

It's hard to eat when EVERYTHING seems to be off limits! So, all of that being said, what is left for a girl to eat??!


  1. Hi Heather,

    Your post is very interesting to me because I was just told after a patch test that I am allergic to colophony. Before I was diagnosed I was convinced that my hand eczema (contact dermatitis) was due to a citrus allergy. After reading your post I am wondering if I might also be allergic to balsam of peru. How is Balsam of Peru related to tomatoes? I recently found out that citrus fruits are coated in colophony and that is why I must avoid citrus. I'm going to try omitting the things you listed above and see if that makes a difference. Thanks for posting. I hope you still look at this from time to time. If you could send me an e-mail i'd appreciate any advice you might give. Thanks, Sally

  2. Hi, I have horrific eczema (all my life), and many different allergies. I just was found by an allergist to be allergic to Balsam Peru as well. I'm trying to understand how and why the spices you mentioned (cinnamon, cloves, anise, ginger) as well as tomatoes and chocolate could be included in the "what to avoid" list. What if the above items are organic and unadulterated (ie, organic cinnamon or nutmeg, where the container states just "organic nutmeg" or "organic cinnamon")? Thanks!

  3. I was told on Monday (today is Friday) that I am allergic to Balsam of Peru. The problem is that I have no idea what to do. I was told to use trial and error and to do my best to figure out what to do about cosmetics and diet. I have always known that I am severally allergic to Pineapple and most citric fruit and even pecans and ketchup make my mouth itch and swell... so I just thought it was something random and I was weird. So how you I figure this out? How do I shop for food?? Do I carry around a list of names for balsam of Peru and check EVERY label as I go through the store or is there a list of products to avoid???? I need help!

    1. Hey Erin,

      It's all very confusing at first! But when you know what to look for it's pretty easy. I'm not surprised that ketchup has made your mouth itchy and swell - ketchup has spices in the ingredients! All spices, vanilla and citrus peel are your main culprits for an allergic reaction (I am surprised about the pecans).

      So yes you need to check the ingredients label for everything you buy. It's really not as bad as it sounds. I make a lot of things from scratch now and buying basic ingredients is not a problem, mostly ready made foods that are the issue. Avoid anything and everything with 'flavourings' or 'natural flavourings' in the ingredients list. I have found this mostly means vanilla (or vanillin) which is one of the main allergens.

      It's all good really, I hardly eat any processed foods anymore - very healthy! Anyway good luck with it all, I have just started a blog on the matter if you are interested where I will be posting advice, recipes, philosophies and bits of chemistry about Balsam of Peru -

    2. Erin,
      Yes to all you said. When I was diagnosed I spent hours in the store. So what i did...i started with my basic needs. first, i looked at the ones i had at home (ingredients). eliminated the basic needs that contained the allergen...then went to the store to replace them. It is pretty overwhelming. I do carry the list with me because after 2 years I still have to refer to it and they come up with new names to call you have to update the list periodically. it is such a evasive allergy. Eat no processed food. cook your own stuff. i find that once i got everything calmed down and eating right then i find once in a while i can eat a small amount of something. never citrus though.

  4. Has following a balsam restricted diet helped your eczema? I have been diagnosed with the same allergy but my main symptoms are chronic puffy eyelids, which can be very itchy. I have found some conflicting information on the internet about what to avoid. Is apple cider vinegar okay as a topical application and to ingest? I am also unsure about whether I should be avoiding citric acid, as that is pretty much in everything including many cleansers and shampoos. If anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it!

    1. I am not happy to hear that your eyes are puffy-but it explains my puffy eyes-

    2. Hi, today I have been diagnosed with the same allergy. What I find strange, earlier this year I had blepharitus (inflammation of the eye lids) round my eye which caused men to have a big puffy eye. Seems strange others with the same allergy have similar symptoms. Could this be another effect of this allergy?????

    3. Yes, as Balsam of Peru is contained in cosmetics and medicines, as well as food.

    4. I have a patch tested allergy to Balsam of Peru as well-

      I also had the problem of itchy, puffy eyelids for years before I was able to conclude that I'm also allergic to Beeswax (note Beeswax is a listed cross reaction of Balsam..) - I was usinga makeup remover (superbland) from Lush that contained beeswax- once I stopped using this, my eyelids cleared right up! it has been 2 years and no problems! I also have to be careful with lipstick and chapstick, as many brands of those include beeswax. I still have periodic flares of exczema on my legs that seem to last for weeks on end - I don't know what to do- all the foods listed above are my favorite foods :( (fresh squeezed oj and homeade salsa are my STAPLES :( )

  5. If it's any consolation (Iknow it won't be) I'm allergic to balsam of Peru, chromium, carba mis, thiuram mix and hayfever (grasses) so I'm basically allergic to life.

    With balsam of peru alone it is very difficult cos you naturally assume organic or all natural food is edible but for us it's a very different case, having said that however, so long as we avoid spices (especially cinamin), citric fruits and benzyl products we do ok. AT first you do have to carry around a list of chemicals/foods/spices/things you can't have but after a while your eyes just get used to seeing the names and you know what to put back onto the shelf (one of my allergies means a react to paper to had to laminate mine and looked like a right idiot! lol)

    I found this websire the best for information but unfortunately there is nothing that gives you a product list you can use or a foods list you can use so it really is down to us and websites like this to help each other out.

    You might find that you react to some balsam of peru synonyms and not the others but I react to them all and I'm sure there are some I haven't found yet, lol! I'd put the list on here but don't want to scare anyone further. I've been living eith it since 2011 and still don't have all the answers... can tell you I found a shampoo "e45" shampoo is free from all of the synonyms like citric acid, benonates etc but if anyone on here can suggest a shower gel or toothpaste I could use it would be greatly appreciated :oD

    1. I have balsam of peru and chromium allergy. I use "Free & Clear" shower products by Vanicream. The many shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and soap as well as lotion. I use baking soda to brush my teeth. I found a substitute but it tasted like soap! Baking soda doesn't really have a taste and it rinses well.

    2. Vanicream makes sunscreen too. I've used it and it's very good.

  6. Oh, Cordelia! So sorry to hear about all of your allergies! It's rough, sometimes, isn't it? Hang in there and thanks for reading!

  7. Thanks :oD

    I literally may have just found a brand to help us with our Balsam of Peru issues. It's not 100% as some of the products have benzonates in them (either sodium benzonate or C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate) but generally they look great, I've emailed the site asking to double check ingredients (as I found the suncream twice without C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate and once with so wanted to be certain) but some of the other stuff shampoos, conditioners, day cream, night cream, face wash, toner & hand and body wash look great! (steer clear of the sun cream though until I get a response just in case! They even have a concealer, check it out if you get any time:

    I haven't felt this satisfied shopping of wash products since I had to stop using smellies and they do sample sizes so you can try before you spend a fortune! Fingers crossed for the sun cream, if you know of a sun cream we can use I'm all ears :oD

    1. Hi! I've also just been told, by my allergist, that I have an allergy to Balsam of Peru and am now trying to find out as much as I can on how to avoid it. You mention you may have found a brand that may be good for those with this allergy, but I did not see a brand name in your post. Could you tell me which it is and if it really works? Thanks so much. Liz

  8. I am allergic to colophony. I have a four page list of items both foods and products that contain it. I am still trying to figure out what foods I can eat. It seems to be in everything and according to an email reply from the FDA, it can be listed under natural flavors. So the only way to tell is basically to eat it and react to it, then don't eat it again. Which is getting old because I am tired of feeling sick and having blisters on my face. Its hard to search the internet for it because there are companies with the word evergreen in their name and they come up instead of information you're searching for. Basically anything made from evergreen or that is an evergreen: pineapple, bananas, peaches, nectarines, tea, chocolate, coffee, milk, ice cream, coca cola, fruit drinks, citrus fruits, and the list goes on. I have a word press blog called colophony that has the list.

  9. I am allergic to balsam of peru and chromium. Like everyone writes here, it is very difficult to narrow down what you can and can't have. Basically, you need to go on and elimination diet which means, for at least three weeks, eat the same food every day. This is food that you know you won't react too, like chicken and rice. After three weeks, when your symptoms have cleared, you can add one new item every per week. It is very difficult to stick to but once you do, you really feel much happier because you can find "oh, I can have this now" as you try new foods.

  10. Hi I've been diagnosed with balsam of peru allergy for ten years, after thirty trying to work out why I reacted badly to so much. I moved to organic stuff and making food, as my daughter was diagnosed with food colouring allergies at the same time. It was fun teaching a three year old she wasn't allowed candy or orange squash but her child minder was fab and she would tell everyone no if offered. Even now she drinks only water, decafe coffee and hot choc. Give her a coke and she is running hyper for hours, give me a coke and I throw up. Families you've got to love them.
    Anyway I don't know of a toothpaste, but maybe research what our ancestors used as that would most probably be ok ( before victorian I mean). I use warm salt water to gargle and for ulcers. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than what my dentist would rather I take even when I remind her I have this allergy every time.
    My consultant recommended Dove. That was ten years ago so I expect formulas have changed by now. Dove deodorants is usually ok if you get the none frangance one.
    I currently use SIMPLE, from bigger boots, and probably online. They do shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and deodorants. All totally anything free. I suggest buying in bulk so you don't run out at inopportune moments and have to finish off with something else in the house that might set you off.
    Anyway good luck and stay strong. It's horrid when it flares up but don't panic.

    1. I can't find a "bigger boots" line of products, can you provide a link, please?

    2. I think she means that the SIMPLE products are carried at the chemist or pharmacy named "Boots".

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  12. Through patch testing, we discovered that I am allergic to many topical items, including Balsam of Peru. My allergist was able to provide me with a list of products that do not contain the items to which I am allergic. The website is

    I am still having some issues so the next step is to eliminiate Balsam of Peru from my diet. Not looking forward to saying goodbye to chocolate and many other items. :-(

    1. You don't have to...see my list below of substitutes...

  13. Hi Busby,
    I am allergic to fragrance mixes and BoP. It is very difficult for me to avoid all these spices because I am originally from India. I am used to those spices all my life. I think I am doing a good job in avoiding them. I have been cooking with lots of herbs and garlic, soy sauce. They are not so clear about curry powder. I am assuming because it has cinnamon, clove and nutmeg in it. They are not clear about other spices like coriander, cumin, turmeric, red pepper, black pepper, cardamom, saffron. I did ask my Doctor about it. She was not sure about it but suggested to reintroduce one thing at a time. She said saffron and almond extract should be fine to use. ( We use saffron and cardamom in Indian sweets.) What is your opinion?

    1. I was diagnosed in April 2015 with a BoP allergy. I reacted to all my makeup, face creams, shampoo and foods. I get ezcema and hives around my eyes on my neck and near my ears. Also suffered with itchy scaly eyelids. I have found the following products to keep reactions at bay for me. I am from Canada and buy most of them at the Superstore, Loblaws and No Frills. There are many President's Choice (PC) and no name products that don't cause reactions: (I am anal about keeping the taboo ingredients, preservatives, flavourings, benzoates, etc. out of my food) I hope this helps the search for things you can eat. It's a hard allergy but it is doable and I keep finding more and more things that are ok to eat.
      PC Raspberry jam (no benzoate)
      PC Shortbread fingers (no vanilla)
      PC Digestive Cookies (no vanilla)
      No name mustard (no benzoate)
      Waterbridge imported dark Belgian chocolate (no vanilla) found at Walmart
      PC Creamy Horseradish (no lemon)
      Pillars allergen free lunch meats and breakfast ham (no lemon juice - most packaged lunch meats do)
      Miracle Whip instead of Mayo (no lemon juice)
      I use Free & Clear Shampoo & Conditioner and love it (no fragrance or benzoates)
      I use a mild face cleanser from Paula's Choice, witch hazel as a toner from Walmart (watch these as some contain taboo ingredients)
      I purchase my eye makeup from Epic Mineral Beauty or Earth's Beauty online. They are mostly chemical free, loose powder products but the scaly sandpaper feeling on my eyelids has disappeared.
      I found a relish that was safe at No Frills (will post name later)
      I buy Coconut Bliss Ice Cream - Salted Caramel & Chocolate - this one is dark chocolate with no vanilla
      Dominoes makes a pizza with alfredo sauce instead of pizza sauce (just watch the pepperonni as most of it has paprika)
      Substitute maple syrup or almond extract for any recipe that calls for vanilla
      Basil is bad! - it is a form of Eugenol so watch for it in ingredient lists. Don't eat pesto!
      I use only fragance free hand soaps. Unscented is not fragrance free. It has a masking ingredient that covers up the fragrance.
      Soy sauce can be bad as it can contain benzoate
      I have not found a packaged hamburger that doesn't make me react so I just make my own from ground beef, egg, breadcrumbs, onion, garlic salt.
      No name onion soup mix is ok - Knorr Lipton Onion Recipe is not
      Seagrams makes a vodka cooler (vodka is not aged it is distilled so no oak/vanilla issues) Wildberry flavour that has not made me react
      Most unoaked white wines are ok (oak leaches vanilla in the aging process)
      Motts and no name applesauce (unsweetened) snack packs don't give me any issues
      The only bottled salad dressing I have found that doesn't have lemon juice in it is Renees Poppyseed 1/2 fat dressing otherwise I use oil and vinegar or make my own and leave out the lemon juice in the recipe and use vinegar (half the amount you would use if it was lemon juice)
      Apple juice causes me no issues
      PC brand of Alfredo sauce (check labels) there is one or 2 that are clear of BoP allergens
      Walmart sells packaged cubes of organic boullion that are BoP free. I am not sure of the name but can find it if anyone needs it.
      I can't guarantee that your reactions will be the same as mine but I hope it helps some of you to find grocery items that are acceptable for your allergy.

  14. I'm so happy to finally find a current blog of posters with BOP allergy! I felt so alone since being diagnosed last December ('14). I have chronic hand ezcema where my fingers and palms crack open and bleed. I go through bandaids like crazy. I'm in constant pain just trying to zip my pants or open a tube of toothpaste. But you all know what that's like. I've been very successful switching to safe hygiene products based on the ACSDCAMP.ORG list that my derm gave me. But I'm having a really hard time sticking to the diet restrictions. Now that I know I'm surrounded by real life "experts" on BOP diets, I would like to request suggestions on alcoholic beverages that are safe. I read above about Seagrams coolers. I'll check it out. Are there any red wines that are safe? My safe list just strictly says no wine/beer/gin/vermouth. What about champagne? Or rum (probably not the spiced kind but non-spiced?)? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated (and thanks MGRANT for the explanation of why wine is bad! I had no idea it was related to the oak barrels). For those that asked about sunscreen, the one that I use from my safe list is Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection, SPF55, and I find it at Publix (in the US). You can order from Thanks to everyone!

    1. Shannon, Rum is aged in barrels so I would stay away from it. I had a reaction to the Bicardi coolers. I have found unoaked wines in our liquor stores (Naked Grape (Ontario Wine) brand sells both white and red) that are labeled as UNOAKED. That is what you want to look for. Champagne I am not sure about. The one nice thing about having dedicated liquor stores in Canada is that they actually have a binder of all the alcohol they sell and how each product is aged. Has been very helpful for me. Next time I am in the store I will write down the names of some other wines that are unoaked and post for you. I also have had Danzante Pinot Grigio - Delle Venezie, Italy at the Keg Restaurant several times and have had no issues. I use Banana Boat Natural Reflect "kids" SPF 50 sunscreen but it is the only Banana Boat sunscreen I can use. Glad we can all help each's the only way to survive this allergy.

    2. Just checked the ingredients in Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sunscreen and there are a lot of benzoate derivatives. You are lucky you can use that. Benzoate is a big trigger for me.

    3. Thanks, MGrant. Now that you mention it, I will double-check with my doctor about that sunscreen because it's on the official "safe" list from, which is what I live by. But this same doctor also prescribed a facial cream that had benzyl alcohol as an ingredient, as if she didn't realize it's the same chemical composition as BOP! Sometimes I feel more educated than the professionals, lol. It's been 9 months since I was diagnosed and I have yet to be "clear" to the point where I can say such-and-such causes a reaction. I have no idea what's keeping my hands so affected! I'm envious of those of you who seem to have it narrowed down. I've given up every hygiene product for "safe" options (including a toothpaste that tastes like Ivory soap) so I'm pretty convinced it's my diet. I have found many unoaked wine options so I feel good about that. But we eat out at restaurants every weekend and I have no control over what goes into those meals! Even when I ask ahead of time, I'm not convinced that they're being honest about the ingredients. I ordered rosemary garlic chicken at Olive Garden and it came with this sweet orange sauce on it. When I asked what was in it the chef told the waitress "rosemary and garlic." As if that was it! No way. There wer definitely additional ingredients in there that no one was willing to admit to. And my family gets mortified when I start asking to speak to the chef. It's actually very annoying. I'm thinking about creating a laminated list of my "no no's" and keeping it in my purse then sneaking off to the kitchen before ordering to have them make safe recommendations. I mean, my fingers are bleeding as I type. These cuts will probably heal by Friday and then I'll have new ones by Sunday night. Does anyone else feel the same as me, kind of lost and hopeless?? Thanks to all for your support.

  15. I have recently been checked via the skin patch test and came back positive for an allergy to Balsam of Peru. My question is does anyone know if it is safe to use David's Natural Toothpaste (

    1. Is that the only product you're curious about? I was diagnosed 9 months ago and JUST figured out a few weeks ago that I needed to switch my toothpaste. It's taken me forever to figure out what I need to eliminate. Baby steps, I guess. Did your doctor refer you to the website The codes for BOP safe products are BJ3I05AIQI and 0KGTD526DB, in case that helps. Good luck.

    2. Oh heavens NO, that is not the only product that I am curious about. I was researching toothpaste when I ran across the Blog. Thank you for your reply. I too, am taking baby steps. I started with switching my laundry soap to ALL Free & Clear. I like it fine. Then I use the products for my skin and hair made by VANICREAM recommended by my Allergy doctor who diagnosed my allergy to BoP. Thank you for the website and codes for BoP safe products. i welcome any more info you have.

    3. It's so reassuring to know I'm not the only one struggling. I had a ferocious outbreak last Friday and think it may have been a green sauce I had for dinner that turned out to be made from tomatillas. I can't imagine how I'm going to avoid secret (i.e., hidden) ingredients for the rest of my life. I've changed all my cosmetic products and had no improvement, so I'm convinced my continued issues are diet related. Guess I just have to keep trudging forward. I have another series of patch testing scheduled for next month but only because I begged my doctor to test me for benzyl alcohol. I feel like that's the true culprit and I really want to have a giant red flag that comes up that will convince me (and my husband) that this is really diet related. He still thinks it's because I use my cell phone to play Candy Crush, lol. It's actually not funny, though, as I get no sympathy or support from home. They all think I'm crazy. So glad to find other people who are also NOT crazy, just allergic to a bunch of crap under the BOP umbrella. Thanks for listening.

  16. I have recently been diagnosed with allergies of Balsam of Peru, Colophony, Peppermint, Nickel, and amidoamine. The reaction I had after the patch test was so severe I was hospitalized. I had a few questions pertaining to the allergies specifically BOP and Colophony.

    1) Does anyone who was diagnosed with either allergy experience digestive issues as a result of consuming foods that contain them? If so what are your symptoms?

    2) What are the foods that contain BOP and Colophony?

    Thank you so much. I feel frustrated and in constant pain. I hope that eliminating these allergens from my life will help. I also have an 82 page list sent to me by my allergist of products that are safe to use like shampoo, makeup, cleaning products, etc. Unfortunately does not list food. If anyone is interested in it just comment below and I can send it. It is in pdf form

    1. My BOP symptoms are strictly eczema-related. I currently have over 20 'cracks' on both hands that are painful and bloody. Thank god I don't also have digestive issues from it. Here is a great website that lists the foods to avoid:

      Good luck and get ready to make all your food at home. I hope you like to cook, lol.

    2. I would like that list please?!? I'm going bonkers here. My face is a red mess most of the time. I have colophony, rosin, and nickel allergies. HELP!! I've had free an clear shampoo and I hate it. Seems to dry my hair out. UGH! Ty!

    3. I would like that list please?!? I'm going bonkers here. My face is a red mess most of the time. I have colophony, rosin, and nickel allergies. HELP!! I've had free an clear shampoo and I hate it. Seems to dry my hair out. UGH! Ty!

  17. Hi everyone. Quick question for MGrant, or anyone else who may have info. You mentioned paprika in one of your posts as though that is on the unsafe list. But I have not received any info from my doctor that would lead me to believe I shouldn't consume paprika. It is actually made from chili peppers, which are also not unsafe for BOP allergies (to my knowledge). So can someone enlighten me as to why paprika would be unsafe? Thanks.